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With our Helpdesk Agents you are able to manage all your needs. If you have problem with your website or software just create a ticket and we will fix the issue right away!

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Ticket System

All issues will be handled within our the ticket system. No matter where the question comes from it will be centrally stored in our the ticket system.


We also provide many types of Notifications, that you want to send out to the our agents. Enable Mail Notifications, or (Desktop) Push Notifications messages to our team chat.

Knowledge Base

For you we create our own searchable Knowledge Base based on your tickets. You can copy the ticket content directly into a new FAQ article.


Alos, Give you the opportunity to start a livechat with one of your agents. A Livechat often speeds up the issue solving process.

A Better Way To Control Your Digital Products

Say goodbye to useless softwares and hello to BitWise Software.

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